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Engagement During COVID

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought many aspects of life and work to a halt. Fortunately, many of our community partners were able to continue the good work they do but under different circumstances which meant we, as their trusted partners, had to step up and support their efforts to measure the work they do in…

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Celebrating A Long Time Partner

EVALCORP has been a long-term partner of Waymakers of Orange County and has continually evaluated their education and prevention programs including their Impaired Driving program which after ten years, will sunset June 30, 2021. Historically this program has worked to educate both the public and retail/restaurant establishment owners, managers, and employees about responsible alcoholic beverage…

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Empowerment Evaluation: Focus on Client Control

As you know from our last post, we’re in the midst of a 3-part series on empowerment evaluation. In our prior installment we introduced the basics of empowerment evaluation providing you with some of the key concepts and a big picture overview.  For this post we’d like to focus a little more on one of the…

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Is Remote Work the New Normal?

Over the last eight months we’ve gone from hearing about this virus on the other side of the world, to ravaging grocery store shelves for toilet paper, to binging Tiger King, but what might be one of the biggest shifts because of the COVID-19 pandemic may be the way we work moving forward. Offices are…

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Reluctance to the Evaluation Process – Some Historical and Cultural Context

Although there may be many reasons why a client might be hesitant or resistant to evaluations, distrust of scientific research methods, in general, is one that can appear in a wide variety of political variations. Here, I want to briefly consider some issues relevant to evaluation that can be relevant from one form of distrust…

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COVID-19 – What We Know

When it comes to infectious diseases, a pandemic is the worst-case scenario. When an epidemic spreads beyond a country’s borders, that’s when the disease officially becomes a pandemic. With the first cases showing up in January of this year, the Novel Coronavirus-2019 – or COVID-19 – showed early signs of an epidemic, but very few…

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Beyond Cultural Competence – Working Towards Culturally Appropriate Evaluation Methods

The importance of cultural considerations when conducting evaluations, particularly with respect to evaluations of mental health programs, has been generally accepted for some time. However, the often-used notion of “cultural competence” has some limitations. The idea of “competence” implies traditional notions of “expertise,” but culture is not like traditional bodies of knowledge – culture is…

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Tips for Managing Your Time More Effectively

Many of us wear lots of different hats as we move through the tasks we need to accomplish each day and week. We may begin the day wearing the “Researcher” hat as we scour through the internet trying to learn more about a particular topic.

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Work Life and Personal Enrichment

We often hear people talk about “work-life” balance as if our work and personal lives are constantly at odds with one another. Most of the literature and conversations around the topic tend to focus heavily on the negative aspects of having to split one’s time between work and personal responsibilities. However, if we reframe our…

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Tips and Tricks for a Great Presentation

Presentations can be the cause of major anxiety – but, there’s good news – it doesn’t have to be that way! Below are some tips and tricks to help alleviate anxiety and ensure you’re presentation is a huge hit. Be Prepared – presentations can be stressful. Don’t make it harder on yourself by not being…

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.“

– Peter Drucker

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