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Celebrating 20 Years of Partnership at EVALCORP

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we celebrate our 20th anniversary!
Two decades ago, EVALCORP was founded to support those who create safe, healthy, and strong communities by providing sound measurement and data-informed strategies. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey, and we could not have done it without our clients and team.

Why Use Custom Measures? Part 3

How should programs implement a custom measure? If you are implementing a custom measure as part of an evaluation, there are a several things to keep in mind. Once you have developed a custom measure, the best thing to do with it is to fully document its development and share it with the world. Not…

Why Use Custom Measures? Part 2

How are custom measures developed? My colleagues who are measurement specialists lament that the most common way that custom measures are developed is for someone on the project team to “just start writing items.” If this approach actually worked well for the making measures, I wouldn’t be so hard on it, but the truth is…

Why Use Custom Measures? Part 1

In my last blog post about measurement, I wrote about why an evaluator may encourage you to use a validated measure in your project. In the conclusion to that piece, I promised that I would also explain when a tailor-made questionnaire would be more appropriate. To cut to the chase: custom measures will be your…

evalcorp team park picnic

Celebrating the End to Another Great Fiscal Year!

To honor the dedication and teamwork displayed by our talented staff this past year, EVALCORP planned a sun-filled picnic on Friday July 14. Team members joined together from Irvine, Los Angeles, and even Houston, TX at the beautiful Laguna Niguel Regional Park in Orange County. To infuse an element of fun into the day, a…

photograph of evalcorp's sponsored softball team Rebellion Dogs players

Congratulations to the Rebellion Dogs!

The City of Irvine—where EVALCORP’s headquarters are located—hosts several active adult sports leagues. We’ve been honored to have the opportunity to sponsor one of the teams in their softball league since 2022!  In fact, we’re now in our 5th season of sponsoring Irvine’s D2 Coed Softball Division, the Rebellion Dogs – an amazing team of…

Kern BHRS Spotlight

What Role Do Evaluators Play in Raising Awareness About Mental Health? Spotlight on Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Since 1949, the month of May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. It marks May as a month dedicated to bringing attention to and eliminating the shame associated with mental health challenges. This month at EVALCORP, we are asking: What role do evaluators play in raising awareness about mental…

Trauma Informed Approaches blog

Integrating Trauma-Informed Approaches: How EVALCORP Evaluates with a Trauma-Informed Approach

In our second blog post in this series, we briefly reviewed the framework trauma-informed care (TIC) and discussed some broadly applicable practices that apply that framework to interacting with individuals who have experienced trauma. There are various points in the EVALCORP Project Cycle where we utilize TIC. Today, we will focus on two specific processes:…

Trauma Informed Approaches blog

Integrating Trauma-Informed Approaches: Changing How We View and Respond to Trauma

As part of our series on trauma-informed approaches, we first delved into different ways trauma is defined and how it impacts individuals or groups. Because trauma is widespread and can have such a strong impact on individuals or groups, it is pertinent to understand how to best engage with and support individuals who have experienced…

Trauma Informed Approaches blog

Integrating Trauma-Informed Approaches: An Overview of Trauma and Its Effects

At EVALCORP, we value meeting our clients where they are by understanding what informs their perspective. This initial understanding creates a strong connection from the project start, which in turn supports communication and leads to more meaningful collaboration throughout the project cycle. Our approach does not end there. In fact, we meet all community and…

2023 National Rx and Illicit Drug Summit: EVALCORP Honored to Present with our Ventura County Behavioral Health Partners

2023 National Rx and Illicit Drug Summit: EVALCORP Honored to Present with our Ventura County Behavioral Health Partners

May 9th is National Fentanyl Awareness Day where we come together to recognize the efforts of our clients and others around the U.S. working to educate communities about the dangers associated with fentanyl use and continue our ongoing collaborative prevention efforts to save lives. Recently, EVALCORP had the great honor of presenting Ventura County Behavioral…

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.“

– Peter Drucker

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