Two people facing a third person that is in profile in the foreground. Overlain over this image is a large area of transparent blue, a smaller area of transparent orange, and a shape of transparent teal roughly the same area as the orange

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Graphic artwork of various silhouetted human face shapes in profile and made of various colors of crinkled paper, implying individuals of various cultures, all overlapping with each other and grouped on the right side of the image and facing to the left, which contains a blank, light colored space that contains a gradual darkness gradient

Beyond Cultural Competence – Working Towards Culturally Appropriate Evaluation Methods

The importance of cultural considerations when conducting evaluations, particularly with respect to evaluations of mental health programs, has been generally accepted for some time. However, the often-used notion of “cultural competence” has some limitations. The idea of “competence” implies traditional notions of “expertise,” but culture is not like traditional bodies of knowledge – culture is…

Abstract illustration of a business woman holding arms up triumphantly in front of a similarly sized ringing bell alarm clock; implies successful time management

Tips for Managing Your Time More Effectively

Many of us wear lots of different hats as we move through the tasks we need to accomplish each day and week. We may begin the day wearing the “Researcher” hat as we scour through the internet trying to learn more about a particular topic.

Wooden alphabet blocks a top a long wooden board teetering on a wooden fulcrum implying a teeter-totter. The left side blocks spell 'WORK' and are weighing down it's side of the teeter-totter with respect to the other side's blocks which spell 'LIFE', implying the two sides of work and life are out of balance

Work Life and Personal Enrichment

We often hear people talk about “work-life” balance as if our work and personal lives are constantly at odds with one another. Most of the literature and conversations around the topic tend to focus heavily on the negative aspects of having to split one’s time between work and personal responsibilities. However, if we reframe our…

Person giving a presentation referring to chart on a flat screen monitor mounted on a brown wood-grained wall with several people variously standing or sitting in couches and paying attention and/ or taking notes

Tips and Tricks for a Great Presentation

Presentations can be the cause of major anxiety – but, there’s good news – it doesn’t have to be that way! Below are some tips and tricks to help alleviate anxiety and ensure you’re presentation is a huge hit. Be Prepared – presentations can be stressful. Don’t make it harder on yourself by not being…

An illustration of a teal colored human figure's head in profile with a contented expression and a orange colored brain representation with a red arrow zig zagging up and out of the head, along with white branched lines traveling down out of the bottom, implying a brainstem

Personal Growth and Development

At Evalcorp, we are all huge proponents of investing time for personal growth and professional development. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in your career or are a seasoned veteran, there are always new things to learn and new skills to pick up. Whether you have five months or five minutes, below are…

Four people in an implied casual work setting circled up and each putting a hand in the air and touching each other's hands in an implied cheer. The background contains a windowed partition with numerous multicolored sticky notes attached

Engaging Clients with Participatory Evaluation

Hands holding growing tree In January, we touched on EVALCORP’s approach to evaluation, which often centers on collaborating with clients who are also key stakeholders of their programs or initiatives we are evaluating. In past blog posts we have also described various types of evaluation approaches. In order to most effectively meet our clients where…

Illustration of a purple clipboard with a sheet of white paper with the title 'GOALS' and bullet points underneath with lines to imply bulleted content. Flanking each side of the clipboard are illustrations of two faceless human figures roughly one-third the size of the clipboard, from left to right, a dark haired man in a dark suit holding a pinkish colored pencil that is nearly the same size as the figure; a dark haired woman in dark pants and a yellow sweater. This image is circular and the background contains peach colored light bulb shaped balloons, a target shape partially obscured by the clipboard, a paper airplane with preceding dashes implying flight, and various plant foliage and cloud shapes in various hues of blue, teal, and pink

Using “EVAL” for Goal Setting

As the year progresses EVACLORP continues to promote the use of best practices in a variety of areas. One of the areas we spend lots of time working on with clients is on setting attainable goals. Goal setting is an essential component of successful growth and development. Clearly-defined goals allow individual and collective efforts to…

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.“

– Peter Drucker

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