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Amazing Turnout for EVALCORP’s Annual Halloween Party

Amazing Turnout for EVALCORP’s Annual Halloween Party

It has become a tradition for EVALCORP to throw a Halloween Costume Party for our team members to compete for a chance to win some cash prizes. This year, we enjoyed another round of awesome costumes together with our newest team member, Kaylen, who got to start her first day with us in her costume as Coraline’s Other Mother!

From left to right, Coraline’s Other Mother (Kaylen), Judge (Breena), and Kitty Cat (Allison)

We also had Spiderman and a Mad Scientist join us as we got ready to play some Halloween games. This duo was definitely the fan favorites.

Spiderman (Dustin) joined by the Mad Scientist (Ryan)

As a warm-up game, everyone got into pairs and competed to see who could reach the finish line first while balancing an eyeball on a spoon after spinning around 5 times. This game definitely required some complex hand-eye coordination. We are happy to report that no one got hurt although everyone was experiencing some serious spins after the game.

Bluey’s Mom (Celina) and Kitty Cat (Allison) trying their best to balance the eyeball in their spoons!

Then we joined our virtual team members for a round of Halloween Bingo. We were delighted to see Super Mario smiling when we signed on to Zoom.

EVC team marveling at Super Mario (Gabby)

This year’s turnout was fantastic. The judges had a hard time deliberating, but the final winners of this year’s EVC Halloween Costume contest were:

  • Kaylen, Coraline’s Other Mother, with the Best Homemade Costume
  • Ryan, Mad Scientist, with the Most Creative Costume
  • Gabby, Super Mario, with the Best Overall Costume
From left to right, Black Crane (Alex), Bluey’s Mom (Celina), Silly Goose (Luis), Kitty Cat (Allison),
Coraline’s Other Mother (Kaylen), Spiderman (Dustin), Mad Scientist (Ryan), Judge (Breena), Men in Black (Sally)

It’s amazing to see our new team members join in our tradition as our team continues to grow. We can’t wait to see what costumes will be in the competition next year!

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