Photograph of various people looking in varying directions. Overlain over this image is a large area of transparent blue, a smaller area of transparent orange, and a shape of transparent teal roughly the same area as the orange


Our Team, Your Partners

Photograph of Kristen Donovan, EVALCORP President and Principal Consultant

Kristen Donovan, Ph.D.

President and Principal Consultant

Management Team

Photograph of Dustin Anderson, EVALCORP Program Manager

Dustin Anderson, Ph.D.

Project Manager
Photograph of Marcus Gayton, EVALCORP Business Analyst

Marcus Gayton, M.I.S./B.A., B.S.A.

Business Analyst
Photograph of Josh Greenbaum, EVALCORP Controller

Josh Greenbaum, B.S.

Chief Financial Officer
Photograph of Chantell Haines, EVALCORP Chief Financial Officer

Chantell Haines, B.A., CPA


Amy Perez, B.A.

Senior Admin Coordinator

Consulting Team

Alex Aguirre, M.P.P.

Project Consultant

Gabriela Benitez, M.P.P.

Project Consultant
Photograph of Ryan Brunton, EVALCORP Research Associate II

Ryan Brunton, Ph.D.

Research Associate II
Photograph of Elia Bueno EVALCORP Project Assistant and GEDI Scholar

Elia Bueno, M.A.

Project Assistant and GEDI Scholar
Photograph of Anthony Clairmont, EVALCORP Research Associate II

Anthony Clairmont, Ph.D.

Research Associate II
Photograph of Meghan Elliott, EVALCORP Project Assistant

Meghan Elliott, M.S.

Project Assistant
Photograph of Kelly Goods, EVALCORP Senior Consultant

Kelly Goods, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant
Photograph of Rae Hanstad, EVALCORP Senior Consultant

Rae Hanstad

Senior Consultant
Photograph of Ian Jantz, EVALCORP Senior Data Analyst

Ian Jantz, Ph.D.

Senior Data Analyst
Photograph of Sally Lee, EVALCORP Project and Development Associate

Sally Lee, M.P.H.

Project and Development Coordinator
Photograph of Breena Li, EVALCORP Project Assistant

Breena Li, M.A.

Research Assistant
Photograph of William Maddix, EVALCORP Senior Data Analyst

William Maddix, M.A.

Senior Data Analyst
Photograph of Stacy Metcalf EVALCORP Research Associate II

Stacy Metcalf, Ph.D.

Research Associate II
Photograph of Elyse Minchen, EVALCORP Research Assistant

Elyse Minchen, M.A.

Research Assistant II
Photograph of Tara Parnitvithikul EVALCORP Research Associate II

Tara Parnitvithikul, Ph.D.

Research Associate II
Photograph of Devan Petersen, EVALCORP Senior Consultant

Devan Petersen, M.P.H.

Senior Consultant

Shanti Raman, M.A.

Senior Editor
Photograph of Tronie Rifkin, EVALCORP Senior Consultant

Tronie Rifkin, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant
Photograph of Lois Ritter, EVALCORP Senior Research Consultant

Lois Ritter, EdD, M.S., M.A., MS-HCA, P.M.P.

Senior Research Consultant
Photograph of Lorena Roque, EVALCORP Data Manager

Lorena Roque, M.A.

Senior Data Manager
Photograph of Sarah Stevens, EVALCORP Project Assistant

Sarah Stevens, M.A.

Project Assistant
Photograph of Allison Wallin, EVALCORP Senior Consultant

Allison Wallin, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant
Photograph of Valerie Wieskamp, EVALCORP Senior Development Consultant

Valerie Wieskamp, Ph.D.

Senior Development Consultant
Photograph of Shayla Wilson, EVALCORP Development Consultant

Shayla Wilson, M.P.P.

Development Consultant

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”

– Karl Pearson

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