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What do our clients have to say about EVALCORP?


…Actionable and provides User-Friendly Information

“EVALCORP is an agency with great integrity and commitment to their profession. EVALCORP staff has been most helpful and follows through with their projects full force. They always have a positive attitude, put forth a team effort, and provide us with user-friendly instructions and reports. Our program staff has been able to understand the reports and offer constructive feedback on improving the program based on the evaluation results discussed in the reports, which was not possible with previous highly technical evaluation reports that our staff could not fully understand. EVALCORP provides a very thorough, applicable evaluation and is able to capture all of the hard work we do, including that which is not apparent or intended.”

– Program Manager, Vista Community Clinic,
Youth Development Programs

…Culturally Responsive

“I was blown away with EVALCORP. The individuals there are some of the best that I have ever worked with. Using EVALCORP in the development of a preventive foto novella for Ventura County helped pinpoint the audience for key information that greatly enhanced our efforts. Not only was their staff easy to communicate with, they demonstrated sensitivity to the cultural issues that were being discussed in our campaign to reach Spanish-speaking residents. The staff are very professional, and very easy to work with.”

Senior Preventionist, Alcohol and Drug Programs Prevention Services Ventura County Behavioral Health


“Working with EVALCORP has been a great experience. Their staff is very competent, capable, efficient and flexible. Their guidance with developing surveys and evaluating results has helped my program improve tremendously. In addition, program participants and staff have benefited from various trainings conducted by their professional bilingual staff. EVALCORP’s staff is always there when I need it. It’s a great pleasure to work with EVALCORP.”

– Project Coordinator, Vista Community Clinic,
Eastside Neighborhood Association Leadership Project


developing surveys and evaluating results has helped my program improve tremendously. In addition, program participants and staff have benefited from various trainings conducted by their professional bilingual staff. EVALCORP’s staff is always there when I need it. It’s a great pleasure to work with EVALCORP.”

Senior Program Administrator, Prevention Services,
Ventura County Behavioral Health

a Learning Experience

“Thank you for all of the assistance you have provided to San Bernardino County’s Department of Behavioral Health – Alcohol and Drug Services Prevention Program (ADSPP). The transition to utilizing Environmental Prevention here brings with it a big learning curve not just for our contracted prevention partners but for our staff. Your training on the use of data to inform prevention initiatives was incredibly beneficial. In fact, our contracted providers stated that of all the trainings they have received, yours was the best. You have the ability to explain evaluation related material in ways that are easily understood and useful to all. The information, tools and encouragement you have provided has helped us more than you know. I cannot thank you enough. Mere words cannot express my appreciation.”

– Program Coordinator, County of San Bernardino, Department of Behavioral Health Alcohol and Drug Services Administration


“I was extremely interested in finding someone who would conduct a thorough evaluation while working collaboratively with us as we moved through our work plan. I could not have asked for a better experience than the one I’ve had with EVALCORP. Their staff consists of people who are true professionals. They have worked cooperatively with our team since Day 1 and have been instrumental in providing us with guidance, insight, and an evaluation that I am proud to share with others. The EVALCORP staff is responsive, polite, friendly and intelligent; and to top it all off, they do beautiful work. I am proud to say that I picked the best evaluation team available.”

– Student Support Coordinator, Murrieta Valley Unified School District, Breakthrough Student Assistance Program

“EVALCORP really took the time to understand our local realities, and then produced an evaluation design and products that far exceeded our expectations. Their team ‘gets it.’ They were able not only to produce quality analyses ahead of schedule, but they generated customized reports for individual communities, providing the impetus for meaningful ACTION based on the data. That’s the EVALCORP difference … it’s the difference between interesting and actionable.

– Project Administrator, Ventura County Bhavioral Health

“EVALCORP has been professional, timely, efficient, personal and a pleasure to work with at every step. EVALCORP has been the first to take the time to completely understand the project and the first and only evaluator to develop a thorough evaluation design that was workable, and that did not alter the fidelity of the program process. EVALCORP has offered simple to understand interim reports and consulted with project practitioners at every step. I have nothing but the highest recommendations for the work that EVALCORP has done.”

– Co-Developer, Redleaf Resources’ Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model

EVALCORP provides us with data to demonstrate how we are making a difference in the communities we serve, often a difficult task considering the fact that in the public health field the impact of our work is not immediately measurable or apparent.”

Project Supervisor, Waymakers Project PATH

“EVALCORP’s team of evaluators is the epitome of what professionals do and how they relate with their clients. Their team goes above and beyond what their contract calls for. If you entrust your evaluation with EVALCORP, expect a professional, user-friendly evaluation which provides you with guideposts for planning and implementation.

Project Coordinator, Waymakers, Project PATH

One consistent characteristic of EVALCORP is their ability to take all the data collected and turn it into a report or one page summary that makes sense to a reader who is new to the project as well as to those facilitating it. This ability makes their evaluation instantly impactful… I have referred agencies to EVALCORP because I can be sure that they will receive a prompt response from the leadership and the staff…Thank you for restoring my faith in evaluation and evaluators.”

Prevention Consultant, Redleaf Resources

“Thank you for the incredible service. Before EVALCORP’s consultation, our success was known only to us and not to our constituents. With your help, we now can quantify the impact of our programs and share our effectiveness with the public. This has opened new doors for us. The work you do is extremely beneficial.”

Director and Co-Founder, Lifeschool

“Using data to inform and create effective, measurable policy was previously out-of-reach for many elected officials. EVALCORP bridged the community’s information gap, translating local research into policy solutions that citizens could easily understand and support.

Ojai Council Member, California

“In the beginning, I was extremely hesitant to work with any evaluator, given my previous negative experiences with other evaluators on past projects. However, Kristen Donovan and the EVALCORP team have been invaluable. Our project was so rapidly and successfully evolving beyond our original objectives – in ways none of us could have anticipated – that we ended up in previously unexplored territory. EVALCORP helped us both map and navigate that territory. They shifted the evaluation to meet the new plans and helped us to develop strategies that moved us forward effectively. I enthusiastically recommend EVALCORP to any organization.”

Project Manager, Futures Associates, Inc.

“Diligence and dependability are the two qualities that come to mind when working with the staff and services of EVALCORP. I feel confident the qualitative and quantitative data we submit for assessment and evaluation will be handled with expertise and competency. EVALCORP would be the first company I would recommend to a colleague, community partner or friend.”

Project Supervisor, Waymakers, Project PATH

“EVALCORP excels in all areas of evaluation from initial survey design to final analysis and reporting. It is amazing how quickly they were able to design and administer an effective online survey assessment to respondents around the world while still managing a number of other client initiatives.

Principal and Founder, Plus Delta Consulting, LLC

“EVALCORP is a first-rate consulting organization. Their commitment to service is exemplary and products extremely useful. EVALCORP provided comprehensive technical assistance and evaluation capacity building to our growing multinational organization. Through innovative technology, participative evaluation, and firm grounding in social science methodology, EVALCORP created tools for the measurement of program outcomes worldwide. I am indebted especially to Dr. Donovan for her responsiveness to our shifting time constraints, pragmatic recommendations, and commitment to customer service. Evaluation deliverables were provided on time, within budget, and were of the highest scientific quality.

Director of Evaluation, Junior Achievement Worldwide

What sets EVALCORP apart from other evaluators is their ability to turn our meetings into learning experiences. Our team walks away with a greater understanding of program evaluation. EVALCORP’s staff members are friendly and easy to work with. We work with them as if they are part of our team – it is a strong collaborative process.”

Project Director, Waymakers, Project PATH

Kristen Donovan and the staff at EVALCORP are extremely patient, professional, and a pleasure to work with. They provide thorough assistance in talking through the possibilities and challenges of program evaluation, and provide tangible tools, resources, and reports to suit our needs. I highly value being able to effectively communicate with evaluation consultants, and Kristen and her team deliver!”

Program Manager, Vista Community Clinic/North Coastal Prevention Coalition

“Thank you very much for all of your help and support! You have been a wonderful and much needed resource for me, for our staff, and for our providers. I am so very impressed with your ability to work with people from such vastly different worlds – from the private sector to governmental agencies, of various knowledge/ experience levels – finding ways to clarify and communicate concepts in ways they can apply immediately. I really appreciate your dedication and genuine concern for the success of our program. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Staff Analyst II, DBH-Research & Evaluation, County of San Bernardino,
DBH-Alcohol and Drug Services Administration