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Spotlight on Evaluation Findings of Informal Caregiver Support Programs

EVALCORP has had the opportunity to conduct a program evaluation for two amazing Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) caregiver support programs in Los Angeles and San Jose, California. We conducted a comprehensive mixed-methods evaluation of Visión y Compromiso’s (VyC) Family Caregivers Project (FCP) in 2021 and San Jose Public Library’s (SJPL) FFN Caregiver Support Network in 2023. While programming and particular strengths across each of these programs differ, both are dedicated to empowering informal FFN caregivers through holistic programming, a diverse and inclusive environment, and facilitating caregivers’ personal and professional growth.

The impacts of FCP and FFN Caregiver Support Network mirrored one another. Participants of both programs said that they knew more about child development and recognized their role as caregivers thanks to the programs. Both programs left a lasting impact on their participants who continue to use the knowledge they gained and share their knowledge with other caregivers in the community. Lastly, both programs increased a sense of belonging and community in the caregivers by helping them build a network of support.

What is also important to highlight are the programs’ culturally responsive services. Both programs had services and materials available in Spanish to reflect the large population of Spanish speaking caregivers who were in great need of support. The tailored approach that continuously adapted to deliver the most responsive support to participants was a great strength in both programs. As program evaluation consultants who are committed to delivering culturally responsive evaluation services to our partners and communities, we always appreciate the opportunity to learn from our partners who are serving different communities across the nation.

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