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Women in Action for Israel

As the news of the terrorist attack in Southern Israel spread on Saturday, October 7th, it sent shockwaves through the country and profoundly impacted millions around the world. For me, like countless others, the events in Israel and the response of many to support Hamas’ attack left me deeply upset and confused. As I returned to work on Monday, my mind was clouded with a sense of helplessness as I continued to check on the safety of my friends and loved ones in Israel. A terrorist attack is horrifying when it happens to any group, but growing up in the Jewish community, Israel has always held a special place in my heart. I have been lucky enough to visit and have a deep appreciation for the people who live there, the history of the country, and the beauty of the land itself.   

In the midst of my emotions about the horrifying situation unfolding in Israel, I reached out to Kristen (EVALCORP President). I was met with a sympathetic ear and a shared sense for action as she said, “I want to hear how you’re feeling, and want to tell you what we’ve been doing.” 

I told her how upset I was by the ongoing disturbances in Israel and that I was having difficulty focusing on work. We spoke about my feelings, and she also shared how she and other women had set up the Israel Relief Fund to support the medical needs of doctors and first responders working in Israel on the front lines.

In short order, Kristen, Dr. Roneet Lev, Dr. Tzadok and other women created a fund to support the purchase and shipment of needed medical supplies to emergency physicians and front-line operators in Israel. More specifically, Dr. Lev, began working with Dr. Tzadok, an emergency physician in Israel, to bring requested medical equipment to the front lines immediately following the attacks on October 7th. Dr. Lev negotiated the purchase of lifesaving laryngoscopes and other medical supplies through her contacts in New Jersey and Boston. All of the equipment was shipped and has been used in the field – skipping all of the red tape.  One hundred percent of the more than $38,000 received thus far has been used to bring medical supplies to Israel.

Sadly, the devastation overseas and medical need continues. The tragedy in Israel is not only in the lives that have been lost, but also for those whose lives will never be the same. There continues to be an estimated 138 hostages held in Gaza, the war continues, and the need for lifesaving equipment goes on. I am grateful to work at a company with such an action-oriented president who cares so deeply for our communities and for the incredible expertise and hard work of this team of women. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Israel Relief Fund, please contact Sarah at

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