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photograph of evalcorp's sponsored softball team Rebellion Dogs players

Congratulations to the Rebellion Dogs!

The City of Irvine—where EVALCORP’s headquarters are located—hosts several active adult sports leagues. We’ve been honored to have the opportunity to sponsor one of the teams in their softball league since 2022!  In fact, we’re now in our 5th season of sponsoring Irvine’s D2 Coed Softball Division, the Rebellion Dogs – an amazing team of men and women in recovery from substance use. Their division plays four seasons a year, with games held on “Softball Thursdays.”

A close friend of our president, Dr. Kristen Donovan, put together the team in order to “celebrate people in recovery and to have fun on the field.” When he invited EVALCORP to become a sponsor, we were excited to offer our support. At last week’s game one of the players said to Kristen, “This is the best part of my life right now – getting outside to have fun, be with great people, and enjoy competing against other teams. Thank you to EVALCORP for making this all possible!”

We could not be more thrilled and proud to sponsor our Dogs!!

Not only is their recovery admirable, but they consistently play well in their league. They ended the Spring 2023 season first place in their division with an impressive 8-0 record and made a strong showing in their division playoffs. We can’t wait to continue to root for them in their next season!  

Let’s Go Dogs!

rebellion dogs at bat

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