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Celebrating 20 Years of Partnership at EVALCORP employees pictures

EVALCORP’s 20th Birthday Party

To celebrate EVALCORP’s 20th anniversary, we honored our team at a dinner party filled with delicious food, camaraderie, and lots of smiles.

The night began with us mingling and chatting away. We were especially excited to catch up with some of our remote team members. (Our farthest traveler came all the way from North Carolina!) In all the excitement it was hard to get everyone to stay still for a picture but we did it!

In between the tasty dishes, our leadership addressed the table with heartfelt tributes. Kristen, our founder and president, took the opportunity to share gratitude for a team who has helped EVALCORP stay true to its core goals. After these opening remarks, our Senior Research Consultant, Allison Wallin reflected on our commitment to our clients and our shared values as she said, “We’re all committed to helping our communities solve social problems through research and evaluation and I think that’s a really powerful thing that ties us all together.” Project Manager, Dustin Anderson, followed by sharing excitement for the particular “talents, personalities, passions, and individuals” that we have on our team and looked to the future as he noted that we are “not letting up on the gas pedal of growth.”

As all good birthday parties should, the night included presents and cake! The team was blown away while opening the gift boxes made specially for our team.

Throughout the night, it was clear that this gathering was very much needed. We’re so passionate about what we do and focus so much on our work that sometimes we forget to pause, look around us, and take the time to show our appreciation for each other. We are so grateful to be working with such dedicated and kind individuals and look forward to sharing many more milestones together!

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.“

– Peter Drucker

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