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2023 National Rx and Illicit Drug Summit: EVALCORP Honored to Present with our Ventura County Behavioral Health Partners

May 9th is National Fentanyl Awareness Day where we come together to recognize the efforts of our clients and others around the U.S. working to educate communities about the dangers associated with fentanyl use and continue our ongoing collaborative prevention efforts to save lives.

Recently, EVALCORP had the great honor of presenting Ventura County Behavioral Health’s (VCBH) excellent work supporting communities struggling with substance use issues and working with system-level partners to prevent and reduce opioid-related deaths. Dr. Kristen Donovan and Dr. Dustin Anderson from our team co-presented lessons learned and evaluation outcomes, including more than 850 lives saved, in collaboration with our long-term partners at VCBH.

Our long-term partner Dan Hicks, VCBH Prevention Services Manager and his team (Brad Friday and Sheila Murphy), with Dr. Kristen Donovan at the 2023 RX Summit in Atlanta.

Dan Hicks and Dr. Dustin Anderson discussing findings at the 2023 RX Summit.

Additional information about Ventura County agencies working to reduce illicit opioid supply, decrease demand, and save lives can be found here.

We would like to thank Ventura County Behavioral Health for allowing our team to be part of their crucial work and for giving us the opportunity to present our findings to communities who are working tirelessly for individuals struggling with substance use issues.

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