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EVALCORP’s Approach to Consulting and Evaluation

Graphic illustrating the EVALCORP Project Cycle. It consists of a circular donut-like shape divided into individually numbered interlocking segments implying a clockwise progression. Segments are also grouped by color to indicate broad stages of the project cycle. They are, clockwise from the top: 1. Assess Needs and 2. Plan Project (these are colored orange to indicate these steps are conducted via face-to-face meetings with the client); 3. Develop Approach, 4. Design Tools, 5. Collect Data (these are colored in light blue indicating they are conducted in collaboration with the client); 6. Analyze Findings and 7. Report Results (these are colored in dark blue which indicates EVALCORP Evaluators take the lead during these steps); and 8. Inform Decisions and Strategy (this is colored in light blue again to indicate this final return to a stage of collaboration with the client)

Happy new year! To kick off 2022, we wanted to bring it back to our core and remind you of our approach to evaluation and consulting. At EVALCORP our relationship with our clients comes first! One of the main priorities at EVALCORP is to provide actionable and valuable data to inform decisions. Across all evaluation and consulting engagements, our team adheres to the EVALCORP Project Cycle (shown above). To that end, every evaluation/consulting engagement begins with a needs assessment to best identify and determine the needs of a particular client/project.

We always work in collaboration with and in partnership with our clients throughout the evaluation to ensure the evaluation design, approach, and data tools and collection methods are feasible given the project. Once we collect the necessary data, we aim to report findings in a manner that informs decisions and shapes strategies for future growth. From hundreds of our projects, we’ve found that our clients find our approach useful to achieve their goals as well as helpful to share their success stories.

Our approach involves frequent and clear communication both within the EVALCORP team and with our clients to minimize surprises and to foster collaboration. Some clients prefer email while others find phone calls or in-person meetings more productive. How do you engage with your clients or evaluator?   

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.“

– Peter Drucker

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