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EVALCORP at the Happiest Place on Earth

Last Monday, EVALCORP team found themselves on the Happiest Place on Earth, aka Disneyland! And no, we were not there to evaluate how Disney’s Genie Pass program met its objectives or assess the needs of community members to improve their experience at the Magic Kingdom. We tore ourselves from our laptops to enjoy each other’s company over long lines, Dole Whips, and churros. What made the day even sweeter was having our new team member Tara start her very first day with us at Disneyland!

A huge welcome to our newest member Tara Parnitvithikul!

We started our day off with a “friendly” scavenger hunt. We broke into groups and scurried off to find Disneyland’s Easter eggs like “the light that is never turned off,” “a lightbulb that is painted two colors,” and “the place where you can hear screams on Main Street.”  For a team who tackles every task strategically, the game gave an exhilarating start to the morning. We explored the whole park and experienced the hidden gems of Disneyland. Of course, the team members who insisted that they weren’t competitive were the ones flying from point A to point B.

Elyse sneaking in a picture for the scavenger hunt!

After taking a quick break with what may have been the world’s best tater tots for lunch, we were off to conquer the best rides at the park!

Planning our next move while waiting in line for Space Mountain!

When asked what their most memorable part about the day was, no one mentioned the park itself. Instead, everyone mentioned things like, “spending time with the whole team,” “playing Heads Up! together in line,” and “getting to connect with our remote team members in person.”

The best picture of the day!

Our day at Disneyland really highlighted one of our core values at EVALCORP: taking care of our own and our team’s wellbeing. Did our legs and feet ache for a few days? Yes. But was it worth it? Definitely! Hitting the pause button on our projects and taking a moment to appreciate each other was incredible. We truly believe at EVALCORP that we can take care of our clients better when we take care of ourselves and our team.

Our amazing team at dinner!

Please look forward to more EVALCORP team events to see how our passionate, hard-working team demonstrates our core values!

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.“

– Peter Drucker

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