EVALCORP Research & Consulting
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About Us

Strategic and Data-Driven

EVALCORP was founded out of a desire to provide highly customized, full‑service applied research, evaluation, and strategic planning services. Most importantly, we were created and continue to grow in order help organizations do what they do … better, more efficiently, and most effectively.

In addition to our methodological expertise, we are known for our pragmatic approach and ability to deliver "actionable" information to organizations we work with and their partners.

Based in Southern California, EVALCORP works with organizations in the fields of prevention, education, health, human services, criminal justice, and private industry.

Our Approach
Each consulting engagement begins by assessing where our clients are, where they want to go, and how we can help them get there.

Our Team
Our team consists of seasoned professionals who bring content expertise, experience, and a commitment to client service to every project.

Our Community Involvement
Much of our work involves measuring the difference others make. Getting involved and making our own difference is also an important part of who we are as individuals and as a company.